Modernizing Investing in Commodities

An advanced marketplace to source, trade, invest, and exchange ownership of physical assets.

Invest in Digital Assets

Get exposure to commodities, such as palladium and other metals, in the form of digital assets that provide immediate settlement and title to the assets. The digital assets can be traded and transferred instantly. A simple, secure, and transparent way to invest in physical commodities.

Digitize Assets & Contracts

Unlock the value of your physical assets. Transfer your physical assets to the blockchain through tokenization to increase their availability and accessibility to investors. Tap into a new marketplace. Additionally, convert your paper contracts to smart contracts to simplify the management of your supply chain, increase distribution channels for your assets, and create more flexibility for your customers.

The Atomyze Platform


Our marketplace will provide a seamless way for investors, owners of physical assets, and commercial users to buy and sell digital assets. You can view the commodities market and access the tools you need to tokenize or trade through one simple interface. Manage your account on a trusted platform.

About Atomyze

Improving Access to Commodities Through New Technology

Our mission is to be the premier platform for the digitization of physical assets so users can source, trade, and track commodities. We provide a marketplace that connects the entire ecosystem — from traders, investors, asset providers, and producers to merchant bankers, commercial users, and others. We modernize commodities trading, improve the management of supply chain contracts, and create real access and liquidity for all participants.

Atomyze is committed to regulation, compliance, and the security of both physical and digital assets. We are in the process of securing the required licenses to operate throughout the United States.