Picture of The Atomyze Team

The Atomyze Team

Atomyze LLC CEO Jeanine Hightower-Sellitto named one of the TabbFORUM 40 Top Innovators in Financial Markets

Who are the top tech executives in the capital markets – leaders who possess that special blend of vision, strategy and execution? Look no further than the inaugural TabbFORUM 40. Here is a list of the top 40 technology-driven innovators, those disruptors and difference-makers who are having the greatest impact on financial markets.

Through economic cycles, uncertainties, crises and volatility, the financial markets consistently prove to be not only reliable and resilient, but also engines of growth and innovation. Facing a constant and ever-more challenging barrage of risks and stresses, capital markets have repeatedly demonstrated their operational strengths as well as those of their underlying infrastructures, while supporting and nurturing cultures of experimentation and entrepreneurship.

How does it happen? Start with leadership and management, and in this industry, a special blend of vision, strategy and execution. The TabbFORUM 40 spotlights those technology-driven innovators, disruptors and difference-makers who are having the greatest impact on financial markets, on how far they have advanced, and on where they are headed.

This inaugural selection is the result of TabbFORUM research, with consideration given to nominations and recommendations from the community, and is based on qualities of the individual executives including leadership, results and reputation; impact on domestic and/or global markets; achievements both recent and over the course of a career; and pure technology advances, implementations and R&D.

The honorees come from all across market and transaction lifecycles, multiple asset classes, and are at the cutting edge of such areas as operational efficiency and resiliency, trading systems, and market structure, data and analytics.

Click here for the full list of TabbFORUM 40 industry’s top innovative leaders.

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