Unlock the value of your physical assets

Atomyze will improve liquidity of your physical assets through tokenization, a process that digitizes physical assets using blockchain technology. Digitization will provide distribution channels that tap both the commercial user and the institutional investor. Atomyze seamlessly connects the global network of participants who own physical assets to tokenize (i.e. a “TOKENIZER℠TOKENIZER℠”) and industrial users with investment managers and trading houses to create a broad, stable, and easily accessible market.
There are three immediate benefits of tokenizing physical assets
There are three immediate benefits of tokenizing physical assets

Access a new investment market

by creating digital title (a token) to your physical assets — such as palladium, cobalt or gold — investors can buy and sell the tokens on the Atomyze marketplace.

Improve your supply-chain flexibility

and lower your operational costs to source materials. Update your industrial sales contracts to a tokenized contract on the Atomyze platform to benefit from instant transactions and a wide network of customers.

Transition long-dated contracts

to tokenized individual deliveries, that can be bought and sold to customize your sourcing needs and offer this superior flexibility to your customers to position yourself as a preferred supplier.

Connect with the Investment Market

Like supply chain contracts, commodity markets are constrained by antiquated technology and processes. Digitizing your physical inventory will give you direct access to investors who currently find investing in sought-after physical assets to be too expensive, difficult, inaccessible, and high credit risk.

Atomyze tokens will provide investors with a superior form of commodity ownership in the market and will connect you with an untapped market of potential buyers. Your tokens will be available to Atomyze account holders on the Atomyze platform, where all trades will be negotiated and executed electronically. The tokens will be debited from your digital wallet and currency will be credited at settlement, simultaneously.

Here’s How Tokenization Will Work:

The unique specifications of both the underlying asset and the token are agreed upon during the contract phase. 

The metal remains in the tier-one depository until the owner requests physical redemption.

We have retained Withum, an independent accounting firm, to perform monthly attestation procedures on our outstanding token supply and reserve assets.

Each refined piece of metal is virtually divided.

The size of the token will determine the number of divisions to each piece of metal. A unique and permanent identifier is assigned to each division.

Tokens are secure and generated on the platform using permissioned, Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain.

The tokenizer makes tokens available to Atomyze participants on the platform. Trades are negotiated and executed electronically on the platform where the tokens will be debited from the asset provider’s wallet and currency will be simultaneously credited. 

The Industrial Sales Contract Reimagined

Mining physical assets is capital intensive and forecasting delivery needs can be a challenge. Paper-centric contracts are time consuming and expensive. Out-of-date supply chains struggle to keep pace with ever-changing, end-user demand that can shift in real time. Digitize your paper contracts on the Atomyze platform and respond to real-time changes.


Most existing supply contracts provide little flexibility for industrial customers. Customers with excess supply can find customers who need supply and can transfer a portion of the supply contract. Atomyze will allow customers to novate portions of their supply contracts to other industrial users.

In addition, Atomyze will provide a marketplace to tokenize long-dated contracts between asset providers, metal producers and commercial users to create efficiency, optionality, and flexibility for forward deliveries of commercial metals.

Increased Liquidity

A global online marketplace, coupled with instantaneous transfers of digitized contracts, makes existing and future supply easier to buy and sell. This increased liquidity leads to better price certainty, reduced risk, and more opportunities for buyers and sellers to precisely meet their demand requirements.

Demand for ESG

As environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards become more important, companies are placing a premium on ethically-minded brands. Digitized contracts allow eligible contract participants to know the origin of the materials allowing for end-to-end, branded experience while enabling the ability to provide provenance.


Built on the blockchain, the Atomyze platform uses distributed ledger technology to ensure every transaction is validated and synchronized to our secure network.

Modernizing the Industrial Supply Chain Ecosystem

Atomyze will be the only marketplace that directly connects producers, commodity owners, investors, traders, merchant bankers, and commercial users to create a unique ecosystem that will truly improve supply chain inefficiencies.

All participants on the Atomyze platform go through the KYC process. Atomyze is committed to regulation, compliance, and the security of both physical and digital assets.